Token Allocation

  1. Ecosystem Development (40%): A significant portion is dedicated to fostering the platform's growth, including incentivizing behaviors beneficial to creators. This includes rewards for engaging with creator content, such as making purchases, leaving reviews, and referring new users. This segment also supports strategic partnerships and integrations that directly benefit creators.

  2. Team and Advisors (20%): Allocated to the founding team and advisors with a vesting schedule, ensuring alignment with the platform's long-term vision, particularly its focus on empowering creators.

  3. Sale and Fundraising (20%): Aimed at raising necessary funds through private and public sales. These funds are crucial for developing CommerXe into a platform that effectively supports and elevates digital creators.

  4. Community and User Rewards (10%): Specifically reserved for users who actively contribute to the creator community. This includes participation in promotional events and governance decisions that impact the creator ecosystem.

  5. Reserve Fund (10%): Maintained for unforeseen costs or opportunities, with a focus on adapting to market conditions that favor creators.

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