Ecommerce Market

The global ecommerce market has shown remarkable growth, reaching approximately $3.09 trillion in sales in 2022, and is projected to expand to around $5.44 trillion by 2026, demonstrating a robust compound annual growth rate. This upward trend indicates a rapidly expanding sector. However, despite this growth, the sector faces significant challenges, including non-transparent fee structures and centralized control exerted by many existing marketplaces.

These prevalent issues, especially in terms of fee structures, often place digital creators at a disadvantage. Marketplaces typically charge varying commission fees, which can be substantial, cutting into the earnings of creators. Additionally, the centralized nature of these platforms can limit market visibility for many creators, making it difficult for them to reach their full potential.

Commerxe is designed to address these critical problems by offering a transparent, decentralized platform. Our aim is to empower creators with fair fee practices, significantly lower than the industry average, and provide them with equitable access to the market. This approach not only enhances the profitability for creators but also ensures a more inclusive and democratic marketplace environment.

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